Hospice Care in Arlington, Texas

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Hospice Care at Coral Rehabilitation & Nursing of Arlington

It can be hard to see a loved one nearing the end of their life. The staff at Coral Rehabilitation & Nursing of Arlington combines knowledge and empathy to help manage your symptoms and make you as comfortable as possible. 

 Outside hospice providers may be able to offer further support if the Resident meets hospice criteria. Educating and comforting the family is also part of end-of-life care services provided by our staff.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a type of care that helps people feel as comfortable as possible at the end of their lives. It doesn’t treat conditions or speed up the dying process. Its purpose is to use medicines and other treatments to improve the quality of life. 

 These treatments manage the symptoms of illness, not the illness itself. We can help patients manage pain, improve their appetite and reduce other uncomfortable symptoms. 

 It’s important to know that going into hospice care doesn’t mean that you or your family member is “giving up.” It simply means that you want to make the most of the time you have left. Most people delay this type of comfort care longer than they need to.

 The team at our skilled nursing facility will treat you and your family with respect and compassion as you enter hospice. We’ll make sure that you’re all involved in decision making as we administer this important phase of care.